empowering today’s young writers

what we do

Horizon Writing strives to build a community of young writers. We want to help them write about topics they care about. The human experience is special and something that should be shared with the world. Furthermore, strong writing skills are important for being successful in school and life in general. We hope to develop a passion for creative expression in these students that will last a lifetime.

We offer the following workshops. Click on the underlined text to find the perfect one for you!


  • bringing free workshops to students in underserved communities (ex: creative writing, bullet journaling)
  • encourages these students to tell their stories

creative writing

  • free four-week workshops for either short stories or poetry
  • perfect for students in 2nd-8th grade
  • teaches writing skills in an engaging environment

bullet journaling

  • free four-week workshops covering the fundamentals of bullet journaling (ex: hand-lettering, organization, creativity, etc.)
  • primarily geared towards middle schoolers

our vision

Our ultimate goal is to serve the community. That’s why we’re fully dedicated to helping students as writers so their voices can be heard. In a world where students just like them are the future, it’s important we hone in on their skills and talents.

why creative writing is so important

  • encourages students to use their imagination & be creative
    • Both fantasy & realistic fiction require a significant amount of creativity. Students can develop these skills in a fun & engaging way, then apply them to everything else they do (school, careers, projects, etc.)
  • improves communication & expression skills
    • It’s important for students to be able to express themselves, and art is a great way to do that. The fun behind it is motivating and allows students to communicate their feelings. Even if their story is about a totally different world, a bit of the author is written into it.
    • Communicating effectively & efficiently is crucial for success
  • increases critical thinking skills
    • In order to tell a story, students must think about how to best utilize the craft to get their ideas across. There must be a logic that is followed throughout and students can take this into everything they do.
  • helps students gain confidence
    • Overall, by learning all of these techniques, writing in school will come easier (whether it’s creative or academic), raising students’ self-confidence.